April 1, 2010

Ice Charades Is 3 Years Old

... and that's not an April Fool's Joke, although I did purposely start my blog on April Fool's Day. I felt it was an good day to ease into the world of blogging.

I never thought I would have enough material to blabber on and on for two years, but somehow I've learned I can relate almost anything to an ice show.

I am humbled by all the great skating blogs out there that post such informative, in-depth coverage of all things skating. Thank you for allowing me to tag along with my silly stuff.

Obviously, I needed a place to promote my book, so there you go... Ice Charades is born. All the websites about publishing say "you need a blog" and I obeyed.

I hope all of you have a great April Fool's Day. In Mexico it's on December 28, so I'm hoping I won't get punked today. Actually, the Ice Charade's family is on Easter vacation for a week, so I may not be blogging until next Friday, unless I find some WiFi in Acapulco.

Happy Easter everyone!


Ice Mom said...

Hey, Jenny!

Happy anniversary! I've been so self-obsessed and sleepless lately that I haven't stopped by!

I hope you celebrated with a weigh-in and some champagne!

jumping clapping man said...

congrats, and happy anniversary!!!