March 30, 2010

Ice Shows and Movies

I saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday with my daughter and while I wouldn't declare it, "the best movie I've ever seen" like she did, I thought it was really good. But I don't think it will translate into one of Disney On Ice's (DOI) better shows.

Here's why - in my opinion - two reasons ... 1) the movie itself is visually stunning. All those CGI (computer graphic images) were impressive and I'm not even talking about the 3D aspect. After a while, I forgot the movie was in 3D. But all of the different animals, the castle grounds and woods, the costumes - were so creative and colorful that they'll get lost on a sheet of ice. 2) the music doesn't lend itself to DOI. I can't think of where the chorus numbers are, where the pair number is ... etc, etc.

I think DOI has a better movie to turn into an ice show - The Princess and the Frog!

It may have something to do with the fact that I saw this movie in Spanish, so I couldn't follow half of it, but I was already choreographing it in my head while I watched it. There are two meaty roles for some great up-and-coming black skaters. Or maybe Rory Flak-Burghart will come back. She'd be awesome as Princess Tiana.

Of course, I bet the time the prince and princess are frogs on the ice will be the pair team (adagio team) and it won't matter the color of their skin. It will probably be some unknown Russian pair that will blow us away with their amphibian jumps and lifts.

And of course, there's the music from Princess and the Frog. It will be easy to put to the ice. Very catchy tunes - slow, fast - chorus numbers, solos and duets, everything.

Hmmmm, I wonder if they already have it drawn up on paper right now.

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Xan said...

The Princess and her frog are in fact the stars of the new show, according to my daughter.

Can't see them doing the new Alice as an ice show. Awfully depressing.