November 27, 2017

Coming Soon to an near you!

    Ice Charades: Guy Jean Queen, the sequel to Ice Charades: Penguins Behaving Badly will be ready for purchase on-line at this Friday, December 1st. 

November 2, 2017

Remembering Toller Cranston the Mexican Way!

Dia de los Muertos ends today, so I'm reposting my shout out to Toller Cranston on Nov 2, 2015. I still miss him very much.

That's Toller in Mexico in front of some of his artwork (I believe they hung in various restaurants throughout San Miguel.)

Miss Ice Charades only lived in Mexico for two years, but that's enough to feel like I can celebrate Dia de los Muertos with the rest of them.

For those not so familiar with the Mexican holiday, which was me before going to Mexico, some describe it as "a loving tribute to a family member or friend who has died" but others seem to choose to honor a famous person who has died in the year.

It's only fitting then that my Dia de los Muertos ofrenda, or altar, is for Toller Cranston.

You have to look close to see the two photos of him, one as a skater and one as an artist.  There's lots of red in there because I know he liked that color.  There are also a few snacks and some red wine in addition to the water, since you are supposed to include these to "refresh the spirit after his journey" and candles.

What is missing is the Pan de muerto and the calaveras (sugar skulls) because there are hard to find in Princeton, New Jersey.

When we lived in Mexico City, we had an ofreda for Michael Jackson with a few more appropriate components on the table.

I wish I could have seen the bigger celebration at the Gala for the Ice Theatre of New York, but I'm honoring the most artistic figure skater ever, in my own small way.

RIP Toller Cranston