May 21, 2013

On the road to Sochi 2014... #2

Yes, the Sochi Olympics don't start for 262 days, but I thought this was funny enough to mention now. And I don't mean funny - haha, I mean funny - hmmmm.

When I was looking up the names of the adorable (freaky-evil if you ask me) mascots for the Sochi Olympics, I learned on Wikipedia that these furry little critters don't have names AND they were surrounded in a controversy of suspicious judging.

Wait a minute, Ice Charades, are you suggesting that there was something funny in the judging? In the Olympics?

Why, yes, yes I am. It's funny - hmmm.

You can read the wikipedia entry for the Sochi Olympic Mascots here. Then scroll down to the Controversy section to read this:
Despite the success of the mascot selection process, some accusations have been brought against the mascots. The possibility of telephone vote rigging was brought up when the mascot that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had said was his favorite, the snow leopard, polled the most votes in the voting process after a sharp climb in the number of votes.

... a sharp climb in the number of votes.

Well, let's just be glad that they haven't opened up the figure skating competition in Sochi to telephone voting.

May 3, 2013

Introducing Randy Gardner's The Rink!

It's a new website from Randy Gardner of the famous American pair team Tai and Randy and the website is all-things skating. He's all over the skating world, from competition to shows, choreography to commentating, so there will be a lot of content in this site.

Check it out! Like it on Facebook here.