August 22, 2017


My daughter and I are currently in Florida and we took a side trip up to Tampa Bay to visit Busch Gardens and see the ice show.

You should too, if you're anywhere in the neighborhood.  Throw Busch Gardens some love, skip the crowds at Universal and Disney, and spend a day with animals and ice shows.  You'll save a bunch of money too!

It's a really great show. (and I know my park shows ... been in a half dozen, seen a dozen more over the years...)

Every skater is poised and polished.  Every number is solid. It even had a kick line (albeit from a new angle) to make this old show girl happy. The show moves at such a fast pace, you're surprised when it's over and the best part is the songs are fresh and contemporary.  There's no corny plot to slow the show down.

That's why I wish I could have skated in this show - they all seem to be having so much fun!  Even three shows into a four-show day.  Not an easy task.

But if you can't make it to Tampa, you can watch a decent quality performance here:

You're welcome!