March 28, 2018

Mini-Reunion Alert!

In case you didn't already see this from Gloria Spoden:

Mini Reunion Alert – Toronto area

Did you know that Cirque du Soleil’s Crystal is coming and the closest it’s going to be is London – June 14-17 and Hamilton – June 20-24?
If anyone is planning on going, we could make it a mini reunion evening in Hamilton. We could go to the early show (1:30 pm) on Sun. June 24th and then meet up at a nearby restaurant for dinner and drinks. (restaurant tba)
Let me know if you would like to get together after the show or if you just want to meet up at the restaurant, that’s ok too. If there is interest, then I’ll make a reservation for our group but let me know if you are coming. We are long overdue for a get together. Leave your name here or email me at

Also this from Nicky Scott on Facebook:

PM me for more info

I wish I could skate in Europe from June to October.  But there's one big problem with me trying to get that job ....

March 2, 2018

In Honor of World Book Day 2018

In honor of #WorldBookDay2018, Ice Charades is giving away 5 hard copies of her latest novel!

Are you missing skating now that the Olympics are over?  If you can never get enough skating, this sorta true tale about a glitzy little dinner show in Japan may be for you.  I would love this book in the hands of want-to-read readers.  

So, if you live in the U.S. and would like a copy, email me by March 5 at and I will mail you a copy.