March 30, 2012

Questions/Comments about the World Figure Skating Championships

I'm back ... did you miss me?

I hope it feels like spring wherever you are, because here it's still too damn cold.

So I'm back to blogging and I'll have a lot to talk about, but since everyone is concentrating on Worlds right now, I thought I would bring up the nagging questions that have come up for me.

I'll let the experts deal with the judging and scoring, because I know that needs critique (and criticism) from the outside. What would a world-class figure skating competition be without controversial scores from questionable judges?

But my more trivial concerns from Worlds have been:

1) Why so much Japanese advertising on the boards? Do they realize that most of the world (and more specifically, the viewing audience) doesn't read kanji, katakana and/or hiragana? OR are there that many Japanese viewers watching? Aaron - you're there right now ... are the Japanese fans vast outnumbering any other country?

2) Does anyone else think that the amount of stuffed animals and/or flowers thrown on the ice is a bit stingy this year? Is this the Euro crisis on display? I'm used to the visuals of flowers girls, their arms bursting with bouquets. This time, not so much.

And last, but not least -

3) Am I out of touch or does it seem as if the skaters are sponsored like NASCAR drivers or professional bikers, in that when they get to the Kiss-n-Cry, they need to zip up their jacket so that all of the company logos are visible? Is this relatively new?

I welcome any and all input and I am excited for the finals in mens and womens!