March 5, 2015

Some Pretty Tough Shoes to Fill

entrance to Toller Cranston's studio

Can you see the shoes that are filled in the upper-right hand corner of the photo?  Those would be the feet of skating and artist legend, Toller Cranston.  In my mind, his shoes and his skates won't ever be filled.

But they can be displayed, right?

His famous house in San Miguel de Allende has been popping up on social media lately.  For an incredible look inside, click on the HGTV site here.

I was telling my girlfriend who sent this link that it would be great if some rich, rich, rich skater bought the place and kept in as a shrine to Toller.  That could be a hefty price tag (considering most every inch of wall space is covered in his paintings or Mexican pottery and those drive up the price).

Then I thought, perhaps Canada, yes you, Canada - the country, I'm talking to you, you've got some money loonies to throw around, maybe you need to step in and buy the house and keep it as a shrine.

Who's with me on this?

If not that, well maybe parts of his Hacienda (yes, it's big and fancy enough to call it a hacienda) could be reconstructed - paintings and all - in some skating museum, somewhere.  That would take some money too.  What do you say Canada?