August 27, 2011

Any "Nooksters" Out There?

Well, Ice Charades has made it to Germany, but I won't have steady internet access until the middle of September. I'll try my best to post something in the meantime, so I don't go the way of

In the meantime, I was wondering if there are any others out there with a Nook that would like to be "friends"? I just got one and love it! If we become friends, we can share books. I've got a free copy of Ice Charades to lend ... email me, if you are interested.

August 3, 2011

Ice Charades is Moving

... to Hamburg, Germany, and may not be able to post for a while. Tomorrow the whole apartment gets packed up and then I'll not get to my final destination for two weeks.

Yep, we're moving again, so I won't have a lot of internet access. I'll try my best to pop in with some kind of ice show reunion update or unnecessary costume malfunction anecdote. So please don't forget about me. You know you need that info!

Have a great end of the summer and check back in two weeks!

August 1, 2011

Six Questions for a Skater - Nora Chin

Ice Charades is proud to present Nora Chin, showskater extraordinaire turned college co-ed.

It does happen, you know.

Some of you may know her as the daughter of our favorite coach turned blogger, Xanboni!

Nora is twenty-two years young and passed the trifecta of Senior Freestyle, Moves, and Dance.


While that's a mighty fine resume to bring to a Disney On Ice audition, she also competed on the national stage before turning into the princess who saved China.

She started skating when she was three, after going on a school field trip and never looked back. After graduating from high school she decided to take a year off to do a show, and that year turned into three.

She traveled all over the world, except Africa, and loved every minute of it!

Now she's going to school full time and teaching skating at a local rink.

And without further ado, my interview with Nora:

1. Which shows did you skate in and for how long?

I skated with Disney On Ice on the show "Princess Wishes" for three years.

2. Where were your favorite places on the road?

My favorite places I've been are... everywhere! Anywhere new and different is amazing, but I suppose if I had to choose I'd say New Zealand and Japan were my favorites. New Zealand is awesomely beautiful. I visited a lot of the places they filmed the Lord of the Rings movies and got to see some amazing landscapes. It's a great country for road trips! Japan has the most interesting culture of any place I've been. The shops there are all very unique, too, so there are always almost one-of-a-kind souvenirs to get! Also, the taxi doors open on their own! It was very cool. When I got home it took me a while to remember I had to open car doors on my own!

3. What was your favorite number in the show?

I had two favorite numbers. One was the "Be Our Guest" number because it was more of a precision number and you got to be really over the top happy in it. We had contests to see who could be the most cheesy!

The other was the Cinderella ball number because I was one of the evil step-sisters and I got to do a lot of fun pratt falls and goofy stuff like that.

4. How long have you been away from skating in a show?

I've been off the road for almost exactly one year!

5. Do you miss skating? Which part of the show do you miss?

Well I still skate for myself, but I do miss performing. It's really fun to put on a costume and all that makeup and just go crazy out there. Skating for other people is just super fun! I also miss the other skaters on the show. Everyone on shows is really lively and fun to hang out and party with.

6. Do you have any skating dreams, goals and/or nightmares?

I haven't had any skating dreams recently, but not long after I quit the show I had a dream that I was late for a show. The dream was just me racing to the arena and performing three shows like a normal show day!

Right now I mostly skate for exercise and because I enjoy it quite a lot, but I am working on my International Dances as well, and plan to test some next month. I'd like to get back some jumps and jump combos I used to have when I was training as well.