October 22, 2013

Elvis Stojko in Land of Eternals

Finally, you won't get cold watching this ice show. There's no ice, just PIC®Skates. I've always thought this would be an excellent way to put together shows. You don't have the expense and you don't get the damage of flooding the stage with ice.

Are you listening rock stars - Madonna, Janet, Justin? Mix in skaters like this with your precious backup dancers and your show just got more exciting.

Don't think it's exciting? Click here to see the video trailer from Land of Eternals.

Unfortunately, the performances are over, but let's hope there's another show in the works.

October 18, 2013

I'm Back

Normally I put up some cheesy vacation photo and explain I won't be blogging for a few weeks. But this time, I had no time.

that's not an IPod in my pocket

At the end of September I made a trip to the emergency room of our local hospital and stayed for 12 days. I have an ICD (like a pacemaker only it's a defibrillator) installed below my left clavicle. It was a long time to be in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, tethered to the EKG machine like a dog on a leash, but I received such great medical care, I have no complaints.

The card I now have to carry in my wallet says I survived CSD. Cardiac Sudden Death.


It wasn't something I wanted on my bucket list, but I'm grateful I'm here to write about. Hmmmm, maybe I should start up a bucket list. I'm getting better day by day. And tomorrow I'll go back to writing about obscure ice shows and who's wearing what costume.

Until then ...