February 20, 2015

My Oscar Prediction?

Can tell you right now, this post has nothing to do with skating ... but I still can talk about show biz, right?

Well, I don't know about you, but my daughter and I are very excited for the Oscars on Sunday.  It's the first time in over six years, we're able to watch it LIVE.  I've hardly seen three movies that are up for any Oscars, but I'm not that interested in the movies.

I'm dying to see Neil Patrick Harris and I'm wondering if he can top his 2013 Tony Award Opening number.  It's one of the most exciting eight minutes of live theater I could imagine.

This will be hard to top, though.  Let's hope he does!

February 6, 2015

This and That

There will still be another ceremony for Toller in Toronto ... some kind of skating tribute if I had to guess ... but there was a small ceremony in San Miguel de Allende on Saturday, January 31, 2015. 

Since I wasn't there, I'll let someone who was explain the day.  The beautifully written post from the blog Writing Under A Montreal Sky describes the nuance of the legend, as well as, resident of this iconic Mexican city.  More the artist, more the neighbor in this tribute.  Toller was amazing in so many ways, not just skating.

There is another sad ending for me today.  It is the last day of my most favorite blog ever - The Dish - by Andrew Sullivan.  This was more a news site than a blog, but it was my daily habit, no doubt.  It also inspired several posts (I always linked, btw!) of which I could riff.  And riff I did.

You may or may not remember a couple personal favorites ... "draw the rest of the fucking owl"  "best skater already alive" "badass of the week" and who could forget "everything's better with Muppets" ... they all started out with something The Dish wrote about.  I will miss this blog a lot.

So with that, I want to end on a lighter note.  You may have already seen this elsewhere but if not click here for a chuckle

Comedians Raise Funds For A Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding 'Museum' In Their Hallway!

Not sure how practical that is, but attention-getting no?  I'm not too far from Brooklyn, so I may be able to make a visit.