April 9, 2014

The Petition to Reject ISU President Cinquanta's Figure Skating Proposals for the 2014 ISU Congress

... is here.

Everyone in the skating community is talking about it and I signed the petition. One big reason, I like the short program. But the biggest reason is that a speed skater should not be calling the shots for figure skating. Think about it. Should hockey and curling be run by the same organization?

April 1, 2014

A Quick, Harmless April Fool's Day On Ice

It works for coaches or showgirls, depending on your set-up and whether you wear contacts. (If no one knows whether you wear contacts or not - you're good to go.)

Just pretend you lost a contact somewhere on the ice. "Maybe it's over here or maybe it was over there," you might say. Then when everyone is down on hands and knees looking for you contact, you stand up and say, "April Fool's Day!"

... you're welcome.