November 22, 2016

There's a new kind of ice show and it's ...

It's brought to you by the folks of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey (a.k.a. Feld Entertainment) and I'm so glad I'm not trying to keep a job as a performing figure skater anymore.  The competition out there is too tough.  Besides skating, now there's acrobatics.

Let's face it folks, we had to know something like this was coming.  Circus meets the ice.  In fact, Cirque du Soleil has their own circus meets skating thing up their sleeve and I'll keep an eye on that too.

But back to Ringling, the dates are set and they're traveling quite extensively on the East Coast this winter.  Click here for all of the information.

November 10, 2016

I won't lie

... I'm a bit discouraged with the outcome of the election.  I'm having the same emotions I did as when Princess Di died (and I can't quite explain why other than to say, random moments of sadness.)

One thing I was so excited to do (expecting a Hillary win) was post on Facebook, that we should have started a petition to have Michelle Kwan perform for the Inaugural.  Wouldn't that have been AMAZING!  Now, I don't think I can watch.

btw, isn't that an awesome photo?

October 31, 2016

Funny beats Sexy

... in my book.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I bet she had the best time inside the dinosaur costume.  I love that she's getting a lot of buzz on her choice for Halloween.  Haven't we had enough of the "sexy fill-in-the-blank" costume?

As site proclaims, she WINS Halloween!

October 27, 2016

Dreams Tasting - Mark Your Calendar

... if you're in the Boston area or are planning a trip at the end of April!

This event is brought to you by an author/adult figure skater, Marci Nault, and it sounds fantastic.

From the press release:

Registration is Now Open!

Follow your heart, let go of fear, and put aside everything but your own needs for a day. The Dreams Tasting Conference gives you a "taste" of 50 different activities across 10 unique categories.

Try rock climbing, stand-up comedy, dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, bar tending, wine making, a musical instrument, walking the runway, and so much more. Dreams Tasting Events are also about the adventures you experience when you enrich your mind. Get over the first hurdle and enjoy guidance from expert creatives who will teach you the insider tricks of writing a novel, or creating a documentary, or even traveling the world.

October 7, 2016

Move Over Pumpkin Spice. It's THAT Time of Year Again!

Today was the most beautiful fall day, here in New Jersey.  It's safe to say summer is over, but is it really time outdoor ice skating already?  Yes.

The Rink at Rockefeller Center will be opening this Saturday and if you go to their website you'll see it might open today.  The official Opening Ceremony will be on Tuesday A.M. and feature the Ice Theatre of New York, Inc. and a very special guest.

They posted these hash tags as a clue ... #Shhhh #Secret #Insider.  

BTW, I did not know that you can get VIP skating access.  For a (no small) fee of course, you can get instant access to the ice, free rentals if you need them and cookies!  For $60 off season, that doesn't sound too bad.

September 19, 2016

Will Figure Skating Ever Make it to the Small Screen?

It got me thinking as I was watching the Emmy's yesterday.  While there have been more than a handful of figure skating movies out there, there haven't been many television shows - certainly no sitcoms or dramas in a series.

Perhaps no cast or crew wants to spend hours a day filming in an ice rink.  That would be a cold that seeps deep into the bones.  Ask any skating coach and they'll tell you - it's damn cold.

But that's the beauty of one of the two shows that are currently in the works.  Somewhere in the pilot phase, Caitlin McCarthy's "Free Skate" taps into both the competitive and ice show side of skating.

Any plot on figure skating has to have some element of the Olympics because that's what the general public thinks of when they think of figure skating.  But with the ice show aspect as well, much of the filming could be "backstage" or on tour buses or in hotels.  These would be easy sets to use and much warmer for everyone filming.

I would really love to see Free Skate make it to the networks!

The other television show, with Tara Lipinski producing, looks like a reality tv show in the same vein as the 2006 TLC Ice Diaries. That show featured the skaters Bebe Liang, Alissa Czisny, Danielle Kahle and Sandra Rucker trying to make the 2006 US Olympic team.  That was a fascinating series and I think having one of the two new faces of figure skating attached will bring in young viewers.  It could do really well.

But if you, like me, can't wait for either of these shows to land in your Netflix queue, I strongly recommend you start watching Dance Academy

September 9, 2016

Five Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Skaters

... in alphabetical order, since I couldn't think of a better way ...

1.   Uzo Aduba - a.k.a. "Crazy Eyes" from the Netflix television series - Orange Is The New Black.  Crazy as that may sound, Uzo grew up in Medfield, Massachusetts and skated for ten years.  According to this article by Lizzie Widdicombe in New Yorker, "I could do a triple Salchow, a double Axel, a triple flip. No triple loop—that was always my worst jump, that inside edge.”

2. Condoleezza Rice - the former U.S. Secretary of State trained in Denver, Colorado starting at the age of twelve.  She skated competitively but also enrolled at Denver University at fifteen and graduated by nineteen as an accomplished pianist as well!  She claims she had a failed career in figure skating, but passing up to her pre-silver dances, I would not call a failure.  From Jo Ann Scneider Farris's article on Figure Skating at, “I believe I may have learnt more from my failed figure-skating career than I did from anything else. Athletics gives you a kind of toughness and discipline that nothing else really does."

3. Nicole Ritchie - the adopted daughter of Lionel Ritchie skated as a kid and credits a Vera Wang (also on the list!) dress worn by Nancy Kerrigan in the Olympics with her introduction into the world of fashion.

4. Patrick Swayze - who sadly passed away on September 14, 2009, was an accomplished dancer, athlete and movie star.  So it is no surprise that he also mastered figure skating enough to skate with Ice Capades.  What is surprising is that it wasn't noted in his obituaries and has only a brief mention on his wiki page.

5. Vera Wang - designed the famous white dress for Nancy Kerrigan, but also skated in the 1968 US Figure Skating Championship in Pairs with her partner James Stuart.  That's a seriously accomplished skater, but she says she felt like a failure for not making the Olympic team and thus quit.  Luckily, she went into the fashion industry from there and things have since worked out very well.