January 4, 2017

December 20, 2016

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Reposted from December 8, 2008, the first year I started this blog.  In case you didn't know, I was a big fan (AND STILL AM) of Brian Orser.  Enjoy!

ah Christmas ...

Maybe you heard the songs in the middle of October, but whenever I hear the Frankie Avalon - big band version - of that song, I think of sweat rolling down my face from a muggy afternoon in southern Japan.

That's right, two of the three amusement park shows I did in Kumamoto, Japan featured a Christmas production. In August. It's a strange association for me, but at least I can still tolerate the song.

I have a harder time with the music from the Nutcracker. I skated with two productions of Nutcracker and probably because the shows came along at Christmas time, I got so tired of the music. Years later if I heard that music in a department or grocery store, I would get nauseous and start counting in my head, as in "right-2-3-4, left-2-3-4."

The only songs I liked from the Nutcracker were the Arabian Dance - because the music's cool and dark and mysterious, the Waltz of the Flowers - because it is one of my all-time favorites and the final Pas De Deux - because it was Brian Orser's big finale (and the show was almost over by then).

But time heals everything and this year I'm taking my kid to see the Nutcracker. Alas, it is the ballet version, so it will be a lot stuffier than what the skaters did and there will be no Brian Orser. So instead I give you this ...

He's looking down in the photo because someone cracked a joke, but that's him.

December 9, 2016

The Skating Protocol - Judging the Judges

It's like my dreams have been answered.  Somebody is taking a serious look at the results by first checking the nationality of the judges with predictable results.  Or as the description for his Twitter handle says - sketchy.

And he's posting on Twitter and Instagram for all to see!

@SkatingProtocol is the Twitter handle for Mark Lee, whose personal Twitter account is @therealEmLeezy.  On Instagram - The Skating Protocol.

The Skating Protocol has only been around since October 2016, but I hope it will last for a long time.  Already I'm a HUGE fan.

November 22, 2016

There's a new kind of ice show and it's ...

It's brought to you by the folks of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey (a.k.a. Feld Entertainment) and I'm so glad I'm not trying to keep a job as a performing figure skater anymore.  The competition out there is too tough.  Besides skating, now there's acrobatics.

Let's face it folks, we had to know something like this was coming.  Circus meets the ice.  In fact, Cirque du Soleil has their own circus meets skating thing up their sleeve and I'll keep an eye on that too.

But back to Ringling, the dates are set and they're traveling quite extensively on the East Coast this winter.  Click here for all of the information.

November 10, 2016

I won't lie

... I'm a bit discouraged with the outcome of the election.  I'm having the same emotions I did as when Princess Di died (and I can't quite explain why other than to say, random moments of sadness.)

One thing I was so excited to do (expecting a Hillary win) was post on Facebook, that we should have started a petition to have Michelle Kwan perform for the Inaugural.  Wouldn't that have been AMAZING!  Now, I don't think I can watch.

btw, isn't that an awesome photo?

October 31, 2016

Funny beats Sexy

... in my book.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I bet she had the best time inside the dinosaur costume.  I love that she's getting a lot of buzz on her choice for Halloween.  Haven't we had enough of the "sexy fill-in-the-blank" costume?

As thebiglead.com site proclaims, she WINS Halloween!

October 27, 2016

Dreams Tasting - Mark Your Calendar

... if you're in the Boston area or are planning a trip at the end of April!

This event is brought to you by an author/adult figure skater, Marci Nault, and it sounds fantastic.

From the press release:

Registration is Now Open!

Follow your heart, let go of fear, and put aside everything but your own needs for a day. The Dreams Tasting Conference gives you a "taste" of 50 different activities across 10 unique categories.

Try rock climbing, stand-up comedy, dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, bar tending, wine making, a musical instrument, walking the runway, and so much more. Dreams Tasting Events are also about the adventures you experience when you enrich your mind. Get over the first hurdle and enjoy guidance from expert creatives who will teach you the insider tricks of writing a novel, or creating a documentary, or even traveling the world.