November 19, 2014

What If Everyone Dressed Like A Figure Skater?

This article from Cosmopolitan magazine, courtesy of Craig Heath, shows just how much fun spandex and sequins can be for anyone for 24/7.

I love this quote from one of the three editors who donned figure skating dresses for the entire day, "I told a group of people who asked why we were dressed up that we'd just gotten back from Sochi. I think they believed me."

That seems a common notion, and maybe a sign of the decline of skating popularity, that when one thinks of figure skating, one thinks of the Olympics. Even though there's more to figure skating than that one event, that's all people equate it with today. Sigh.

All in all, it's a cute article I think.

One last note for the editor worrying about the tights. My suggestion - come over to showgirl land - and try fishnets instead!

November 10, 2014

Ice Show Gypsies Cruise Reunion 2016

I love the idea of calling us ice show gypsies! That means any show, any position - cast or crew, any family, anybody can attend! That also means there'll be a variety of shows, ages, nationalities and countries represented. Best of all - there'll be a lots of stories of costume malfuctions and prop interference to go around. Probably during the cocktail hour.

At the moment it seems to be heavy with HOI skaters (who were never heavy by the way), but maybe that will change as word spreads.

Go to the Facebook page here for details. Who wouldn't want to visit the Caribbean on a cruise ship?

Tell your fellow gypsies!

October 23, 2014

Operapop On Ice

I mentioned this on Ice Charades in August of 2013 and now I see it on Facebook.

Opera On Ice - starring Carolina Kostner looks like it changed to Operapop On Ice, but it still played in Verona, Italy. It's over. So you have to watch the highlight reel instead. It'll be worth it, I promise.

From the six-minute clip, you can see besides the high caliber skating, there is a lot of attention to the lights and props. This makes the choreography visually MUCH more interesting. Add in some opera singers and a violinist and VoilĂ , you have yourselves an ice show!

Too bad most of us can't make it to Verona, Italy. Any chance for touring dates?

October 16, 2014

Show Skaters get a shout-out

...from Jessie J no less!

Watching the video, filmed in an empty arena, you know it has to be from the cast of either Disney On Ice or Holiday On Ice. Since Adam Blake is the assistant choreographer at DOI, I'm guessing it's the former. No matter which, well done skaters.

You can see the clip from Jessie J's page promoting the new song "I Am Burning Up" or you can go to Adam Blake's Facebook page to see it there along with other videos Adam has done.

Be sure to scroll down a bit to see the full video promoted by @IceColdCombos on Adam's page, because they promise there will be more.

More please.

September 8, 2014

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I was looking suitcases on-line and wanted to see what kinds of colors, fabrics and designs they have these days. Then I came across this one.

It doesn't say who the artist is, only that the "artistic paint print exterior" of this Neocover Lady Harvest 28-inch Hardside Spinner Upright Suitcase is brilliant.

You know which skater was brilliant?

This suitcase looks a lot like an image that Toller Cranston would paint. Maybe he did paint it but I think they would mention it if he did. They should mention the artist regardless.

And that got me to thinking ... Toller should get his paintings on a suitcase. How cool would that be? How about this?

Or this?

I bet a lot of skaters would pay for one of these suitcases. Makes sense for a show skater ... you can take the art with you on the road.

August 21, 2014

While We're Talking Dance

... how about "Skating at Your Fingertips" too!

Check out Ballet at Your Fingertips, posted on the New York Times.

Abbott Miller, Creative Director of 2WICE, describes it as "...somewhere between video and a game." Now, I challenge some creative skaters out there to set up an app where figure skating meets choreography. While skating is often more about setting up one jump passage to the next, there is still an artistic side to skating and this would definitely help skaters and fans get creative.

Can you think which skater you'd use?

July 25, 2014

So You Think You Can Skate?

This from the Facebook page of the legendary choreographer, the great Sarah Kawahara ...

Attention SKATING COMMUNITY! I spoke to Nigel Lythgoe tonight at So You Think You Can Dance and told him I have reached out to the skating community to participate in National Dance on ICE. He did a double take and looked me in the eye and said be sure everyone submits their videos to the Dizzy Feet Foundation NDD video submission. I got his attention so PLEASE SEND IN YOUR VIDEOS ASAP!!!! We might get on SYTYCD!!!
Also upload to YouTube and send me your link on my facebook page!!!

Okay, show skaters, you've received your marching orders.