March 11, 2010

Showbiz Friends

Here's a great website for performers ... okay, it's mostly for dancers, but they let skaters in too. And they have a big database for finding ice shows. Go ahead, click on the Find A Show button, then click on Ice Shows and you're off.

You can find Holiday On Ice going back decades. Not all of the shows have video, but each HOI show lists the cast and crew and the themes. Disney On Ice and Bietak Productions are in there too, although there are not as many details.

It's free, so go ahead and register!

Do you think they would let me go to the Bluebells/Kelly Boy Reunion in Paris in June? I never danced (topless or otherwise) at the Lido, but I did get backstage one time to visit a friend.


Vlad said...

Thanks for sharing that!

Ice Charades said...

You're welcome!