March 22, 2010

Take The Olympic Challenge

Yesterday Miss Ice Charades and the family decided to go skating. In three months we are moving to a country with NO ice rinks, so I'm now feeling like I should take my daughter skating while I still can.

Unfortunately, there was a skating competition going on (on Sunday morning?) and we didn't get on the ice. But I realized that despite the fact that the announcer was speaking Spanish and the competitors had dark hair, figure skating competitions are pretty universal. Ice Girl would have felt right at home.

So I went to the bulletin board to check out next week's schedule and saw the March calendar had a quiz at the bottom. Can you compete with the Lomas Verdes Skating Club challenge? Here you go ...

The Skaters:

Katarina Witt

Shizuka Arakawa

Jeanette Altweg

Katarina Witt

Teley Albright

Sonja Henjie

Dorothy Hamill

Kristi Yamaguchi

Barbara Ann Scott

Peggy Fleming

The Year That They Won:











I bet a lot of you readers out there don't even need the years listed, but I must say without process of elimination, I wouldn't be able to tell you what year Jeanette Altweg won. Good Luck!


Xan said...

100%. I have too much time on my hands.

Ice Charades said...

Wow - that's awesome!

Ice Mom said...

Um. Er. I chickened out. Call it fear of failure.

Where are you moving?

Ice Charades said...

Panama City, Panama - where it's about 93 degrees year round. Perfect place for an ice rink, don't you think? They used to have one in a shopping mall, but the owners didn't take care of it and it closed down.

Anyone want to build an ice rink with me?