April 23, 2010

Christopher Mabee

Photo courtesy of Willy Bietak Productions

Okay, there's no category for "Show" Skaters on Ice Network's Skater tab .... yet, but former Canadian competitor turned star of Royal Caribbean's Oasis Of The Seas, Christopher Mabee, has made Ice Network's news.

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Juicy quote here:

"Frozen in Time" is the 11th ice show Royal Caribbean has produced. Choreographed by Emmy Award winner Sarah Kawahara, it brings to life the works of author Hans Christian Andersen, such as "The Snow Queen" and the "The Red Shoes."

"We've done 150 shows, and every one has received a standing ovation," Mabee says. "I love it!"

I wish I could spend a day on that cruise ship. Just a day, because I don't think I could handle any more than that. I can't even handle a scratch spin anymore.

What happens if a showgirl gets seasick on the ice? Throwing up in costume has to be a HUGE fine!

Have a great weekend everyone - I have the chance to meet skating royalty this weekend. Stay tuned for an update soon.

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J J Constantine said...

My family and I just saw this show a few days ago on the Oasis of the Seas... We love the song that went along with "The Red Shoes". It's a really dramatic orchestral piece but we can't seem to find it anywhere online. Do you know the title of this song? (or better yet, where could i get a list of songs used in the show?)

Thanks :)