April 10, 2010

Costumes For Sale

Tired of the same ol' competition dress?

You can have this ...

Looking for something new to wear to the office?

You can wow them with this ...

Planning to out do Lady Gaga at the next Halloween party?

Hey what happened to the other leg of the mannequin? Is that the Heather Mills-edition for Dancing On Ice? ouuuuchhh - that was cruel, Miss Ice Charades.

No, these costumes and many more are for sale by Holiday On Ice. Really!

Go here and check them out. Tell me which ones are your favorite. And since they don't have any prices listed, tell me what it would cost you.


Anonymous said...

That one legged mannequin just cracks me up. Apparently she is missing an arm as well.

Ice Charades said...

I know - what were they thinking when they used the mannequin? There is no way they couldn't have gotten a dozen girls to do the photo shoot (especially if you threw them a few Euro) maybe even for free.

Vlad said...

Such a nice photos!