April 30, 2010

Casa de Toller

Sorry folks ... I said in the last post "a day or two" and then I left you hanging. I'm sure you haven't been able to eat or sleep. Sure, Miss Ice Charades, you only have three readers and one of them is your mom...

But I've had a touch of something (hope it's not la gripa porcina, because I came down with that last year and it was not fun). Yup, you'll have to look it up if you're curious.

Anyway, I've also been avoiding posting about my monumental meeting with Toller, because I want to get it just right. We spent about four hours at his place (4 hours!!!! he gave almost a stranger). And it's not like he didn't have anything to do that day. He had been busy in his studio that morning ... paint was still drying. There was paint left on his arm too. He had lunch with some important art patrons out in the countryside, he had a building contractors meeting with him, there were three older Canadian women (not skaters) staying at his house, and for dinner he had to head off with other art patrons after he met with us.

That's a busy guy. That's a guy who has a lot going on in his life post-skating.

So, let me first talk about the house. It's amazing. 2.5 acres near the famous church in an expensive, colonial Mexican town bought up by Canadians and Americans. Now it is one pricy piece of property. Repeat that three times, folks ... "pricy piece of property", "pricy piece of property", "pricy piece of property". And it is chock full of art. Every room, every spot on the wall. This picture ought to give you a hint.

Here's me on one of the two rooftop areas that gives you one of the best views of the city.

I felt funny about taking too many pictures, so we didn't take them of the bedrooms. Now I wish I had and I don't think Toller would have minded. The whole house has a museum feel to it. You need to see it in it's entirety and it's amazing he is so open to guests. A very generous person.

We've been invited back, so I may get some more pictures yet. In my next post, I'll talk about the skating that Toller and I talked about. Yet again, stay tuned ....

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jumping clapping man said...

this is AMAZING! thanks for sharing your experience, as well as his generous spirit. the decor is so rich and interesting, so reflective of the persona he embodied on the ice too.