April 13, 2010


Having a birthday while you're skating in a show can be really great.


With a chorus of twenty to thirty skaters, there is a built-in, captive cast with a lot of time on their hands and no need for an excuse to party. You usually don't have those circumstances when working at an office, at the rink, or even a college dorm - although the college dorm comes close.

So the skaters can throw you a hell of a party that comes with the perfect storm of a well-thought-out theme, costumes, and the next morning to sleep in really late. Sometimes there were drag shows, sometimes skits or dances with choreography, usually lots of booze and the occasional postponement of weigh-in days. Good times.

I admit it makes it harder to have a birthday later in life when the skaters have retired and moved to all corners of the world. All we have now are birthday wishes via emails and Facebook ... happy birthday Darin and Piotr, by the way, and the photos. Yes, there are the photos and now probably incriminating video too.

So, here is Terry Martin, appearing as the stork, at the best bridal shower I've ever been to.

p.s. this combo also works on bridal showers, baby showers, middle-of-the contract parties, opening night, closing night, and the mother of all showgirl parties - Halloween!

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