March 1, 2011

The Year I Swore

Well, that's how it was supposed to be. My New Year's Resolution (NYR) to swear more and let some steam off is not going very well.

And now my parents are visiting ... I can't swear when they're around.

A while back I stumbled upon this brilliant little blog post by metalia and it drew me in.

Then I thought I could write about the "Year I Swore" - but now I may need to replace it with some other habbit, hobby or catchy title. Anyway, I've posted part of her post below, but you should really check out her whole blog.

It's fu@king genious!

You GUYS. I'm Writing a Book.*

So, the book. Oh, my friends, the WHIRLWHIND! The LIGHTNING CLAP THAT WAS!

There I was, strolling the aisles of my bookstore, attempting to find something new, and it seemed that everywhere I turned, there was another memoir about someone doing SOMEthing for a year. Living biblically for a year! Living like Oprah for a year! Not shopping for a year! Living with subway dwellers for a year! Again, I made that one up, but you just KNOW some hipster right now is all "YES! And I shall call it From PBR to Panhandling for Nickels: My Year with the Mole People."

And like that, my inner book found ME. My friends: I have decided to write a book about spending a year reading books by people who spend a year doing something.

Each of the books, I've realized, follow a similar formula. How hard could it be? OBSERVE:

Step 1: Pick random-ass, deceptively unique-yet-wholly-relatable thing to write about.

Step 2: Write about how great it is, and how your soul NEEDED this.

Step 3: Uh oh! Crisis of some sort! Will you finish on schedule? Do you need to? DO you WANT to? Is it worth [insert sacrifice here]?

Step 4: RALLY, YO! You get it done in in time!

Step 5: Talk about the life lessons you've gained from this yearlong experience.

See the entire post with a second cover and bonus picture here.

And if you want a laugh, guaranteed, go to her blog. Check out the latest on Oscar Fashions. In a word: tinfoil.

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