March 21, 2011

What Should She Wear?

I know this is not the first article to ask what Kate Middleton should wear for the Royal Wedding, but I thought I'd get my say in before we are entirely sick of it.

Aren't we all a little sick of it already?

Poor girl, not her fault. Blame folks like me.

So, like I said, I'm going to have my say, and yes, boys and girls, I'm going there. Again.

Cue the one-legged wonder mannequin please ...

Kate, of course, is already on the other side of the pond, so shipping charges from the rehearsal headquarters for Holiday On Ice in Bern, Switzerland, shouldn't cost too much. Plus, as the future Queen of England, she's got some quid hanging about, eh?

So, from the Holiday On Ice Used Costume Warehouse, I say she could get herself a dandy dress. I'm sticking with white dresses, but something kind of fun too, don't you think?

Here are my top 5 choices - go ahead and pick a favorite.

How about this one?

A little dowdy and the headdress and mask scream Venetian masquerade party, but it could work. Or this one?

A bit plain, I know. Hey Ice Charades, she's not going to a tennis-garden party, how about something with more pizazz.

Okay, okay, what about this one?

Splashy, don't you think? Who needs a caketopper when you can wear it yourself? If she wants another flashy option, how about this?

Uh, Miss Ice Charades, that looks like a jellyfish or a condom on her head, she can't wear that.

I know, but I said fun and just for fun comes the all-time favorite costume. Must be sold out by now, but here you go.

Kate's a modern girl. She could pull it off.

So let me know what you think ... and I'll let you know what, if any, juicy gossip or behind-the-scene tidbits I hear about because I have a friend who's invited to the wedding!

That's right, baby. He's invited, he's excited and he's going. This is a good friend of mine going back fifteen years and he's grown up to be the Ambassador to England from a small, sleepy country in Central America. As an ambassador, he probably won't be posting any crazy candid snapshots to Facebook, but maybe someone else will. We'll see ...


Anonymous said...

I love the one with the star on top!

Jane said...

You know I love the helmets!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first commenter, I like the star on top. Imagine what the Queen would do if Kate wore something like that.

Xan said...

I could say something inappropriate about how great it would have been if Paul McCartney's ex had known about these mannequins and their usefulness for modeling, um, missing body parts, but I'll restrain myself.

Ice Charades said...

Xan ... so funny ... nuff said!