March 4, 2011


In Panama, Carnaval is a big deal - a whole week off. This is what the celebration can look like in the city, so we are heading the mountains. So is half of the country.

We've been told the town we are going to has a "small" celebration. I don't know what that means, but I hope we can see some floats like this.

The women on the float are wearing the national dress called the "Pollera" - which would make an easy production number in any ice show. Would love to have one of those dresses for Halloween or some other costume party, but the word is they run up to $10,000 a piece. They're hand-sown. Yikes.

Maybe I can find something a little more traditional like this number below. It looks like the finale costume from Atami, Japan '90-91. Put some skates on her and she's a deadringer for Tamara Sharp.

I know in Trinidad, they allow costume rentals for Carnaval, but I don't know about Panama. If I had a few pinacoladas first and could still duplicate my impressive 30 minutes of stomach-sucked-in at a stretch, maybe I'll give some costume a go.

Of course, I could have ordered one straight from Holiday On Ice's costume collection. Cue the one-legged wonder in this stunning red "Carnival" costume.

Nice, huh. Although I don't think that would fit in the car.

But no matter what, I hope to do some kind of celebrating. That means I may not be able to blog next week. Not sure about my wi-fi, so I'll check in next week after the family gets back from vacation.

I hope you all have a great time for Mardi Gras - Spring Break - March Madness - or whatever you like!


Xan said...

If you get that costume, do you have to go partially legless?

Ice Charades said...

Xan - the way some of the locals were dancing, after drinking the entire day, they looked like they only had one leg!