September 4, 2009


During the show in San Luis Potosi, I had the privilege of meeting the mother of one of the pair skaters, who flew into town that day.

That often happens in ice shows, btw, friends and family of the show skaters all have one thing in common - they are not skating in the show, but are there to watch it so good bonds always develop.

Anyway, this mom had moved all over the US for various jobs AND when her daughter, a teenager at the time, started with a new ice dance partner in another city in another state.

WOW - that's sacrifice! I know of families moving because one or maybe both parents gets a new job, usually a better, higher paying job, making the move worth it in the first place and usually benefiting everyone in the family. But this was the parent moving for the kid, changing her job and uprooting her base, so the kid can continue in skating.

I'll say it again - WOW.

The good news here is that the mom seemed very flexible, adaptable and successful in her own career. And the daughter had made it to US Nationals in ice dance. Neither seemed to have any regrets.

And another nice little bonus for the mom, was getting a private room aboard the cruise ship touring Scandinavia with a (plastic) ice show, starring her daughter, ALL FOR FREE! The mom loved it - I bet I would too - even though Miss Ice Charades get nauseous easily and is not sure she could handle a cruise.

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