September 8, 2009

To All Of Those Working Skaters

... happy belated Labor Day.

I figured many of you wouldn't be working yesterday anyway. Mondays are often dark days or travel days.

Most of the shows I did I was ecstatic to be there. Sure, I had my bad days, but I wised up after the first show and tried not to take any number, any costume for granted. As ridiculous as the skating "Mint Candy" number was, it was still better than not working and not having a paycheck.

And I have to admit that it was kind of cool to write "Professional Figure Skater" in the occupation field of my tax returns.

So for those of you without a job or are interested in getting hired, I highly suggest joining the PFSC, if you don't already belong. They have all the latest listings of jobs, producers, skaters, a convention in Sun Valley Idaho and even a health saving plan.

Check it out - it is the first link under Skating Links to your right.

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