September 21, 2009

Wouldn't You Know It

I was at a birthday party for a classmate of my daughers this weekend. I was talking to one of the other parents - whose English is excellent - and found out the company he works for brings rock bands and shows to Mexico. U2, Madonna, Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil. So I asked, do you work with Disney On Ice too?

Yep. And for the first time, I got to hear about an ice show from the other side. And how is Disney On Ice doing in their view? In a couple of words - not good.

Right now the negotiations go something like this: Kenneth Feld calls and says, "Hello Mexico - can we come down and do some shows?" And they respond, "Well ... Ringling did terrible the last time they came." Kenneth says, "I'll give you two shows, Disney On Ice and Disney Live, for the price of one." Okay.

At this point, I can't speculate as to why Disney On Ice is down ... recession, general decline of skating popularity or general fear of the Princesses taking over the world. But do you remember my earlier post of my embarrassing effort to stalk, I mean talk to the skaters? I was hoping my daughter could meet Tinkerbell - well, guess who had free tickets he couldn't give away and a Meet and Greet with the skaters.

AAAaaaaaaaaahhhh ...

Wouldn't you know it!


Ice Mom said...

So, wait. Did you get free tickets and a meet and greet? I hope so!

Aaron said...


Ice Charades said...

Nope, maybe next year if they still play Mexico.

Aaron - do you think ice shows like this will be able to piggyback on the Olympics tail coats next winter?

Anonymous said...

Hey, one of my daughter's friend's mother works also for the company that brings those shows down to Mexico... which school does your child go to? maybe we know each other