September 11, 2009

That Old Mirror Trick

I was at one of the city's biggest market yesterday when I noticed one little store had latched on to the trick I learned a long time ago in an ice show far, far away.

I can't claim showgirls invented it, but I wouldn't be surprised ....

Anyway, like the picture shown here, they had a long, rectangular, free-standing mirror tilted slightly back against the wall. Have you ever stood in front of a mirror tilted back? It's a great thing - you look four inches taller and ten pounds thinner. Just don't tip it too far back or you get into the crazy carnival/hall-of-mirrors territory.

We had those mirrors, slightly tipped back, in a couple of different dressing rooms and we all knew it wasn't the real picture, but we looked into it anyway. We just wished they could have used the same technique out on the ice!


Aaron said...

The tilt needs to a be a bit more pronounced to slim me up much!

Ice Mom said...

That's it! I hereby declare that all mirrors shall tilt back.

I'll start with my own house. My husband already thinks I'm nuts: he won't mind.