August 31, 2009

San Luis Potosi

Over the weekend, we drove 5 hours north to see an ice show in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. That may have been my longest drive to see an ice show, if you don't count the time I drove from Mason City, Iowa to Preoria, Illionois to see my girlfriend in Ice Capades - and then continued straight on to Chicago, because she wanted to go there.

I'm so glad we made the trip because the show was great. I was surprised to see such a big operation for a "Park" show. Really, this was no SeaWorld or Busch Gardens, this was more of a State Fair, with livestock and cockfighting - well, it is Mexico - and an ice show that packed in 3-5,000 people for every show.

We waited in line over an hour (the first time, then we got some preferential treatment - thanks Wendy) and we were nowhere near the front. Then after the show, we hung out with the skaters and my daughter got to meet some of them and see their costumes up close.

The size of the ice was much bigger than any park shows I've seen, almost Holiday or Disney On Ice size. That means the skaters can gather up a lot of speed and do all their jumps and tricks. We saw back flips, a bounce spin, double axels, double flips, incredible spirals, and a crowd-pleasing Thriller and Michael Jackson medley.

The show also came with a comedian, acrobats, and fireworks. Quite an elaborate production, free with admission to the park, which was 10 pesos, or less than a dollar.

I want to thank Wendy at Arena International on Facebook for all the photos. I'm excited that the show will be going to Leon, Mexico in January. I'll be ready for another roadtrip by then.

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Ice Mom said...

That looks amazing! Less than $1, too!