August 13, 2009

Vivi-Anne Hulten and Bobby Pins

I second the nomination of Vivi-Anne Hulten for one of the greatest skating moments that was recently posted on Axels, Loops, and Spins.

Have any others?

She is also a great example of someone who skated her entire life. She performed well into her 70s and her silver hair, always in a bun, was never out of place. I admit I'm biased because I grew up skating at her rink, among others.

Anyway, she wasn't my coach, so I didn't know her that well, but I'll never forget when she chastised me one day for my bobby pin falling on the ice. I would like to believe that it wasn't my bobby pin, because I was angry and embarrassed, but I think it was and she was right. This was before I went into any ice shows and the lesson always stayed with me.

A bobby pin stuck to the ice can end a skater's career. Once your blade hits it, you stop gliding immediately. For a pair team, this could cause a horrible injury as well.

That's why in ice shows you are instructed to ALWAYS cross your bobby pins (use two in an "X" shape).

And now I'm about to admit something I've never told anyone before ... I just hope the statute of limitations for bobby pin fines has run out on me. Here goes - after a few ice shows, I stopped doing it.

I still feel awkward admitting this. It wasn't because I was rebellious or lazy, it was because I thought crossing them would make them more vulnerable to falling out. I felt the outer bobby pin could get too stretched out. So instead, I made sure that each bobby pin was secure and I want to add that nobody ever fell because of me. Phew!

Now I'm not recommending ignoring the "cross your bobby pins" rule or any other, I'm just saying the result you want is no bobby pins falling out.


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Ice Mom said...

Very smart tip about the bobby pins! :)