August 7, 2009

Gene Kelly On Ice

sort of ...

Okay, so I signed up for a week-long, 2-hours a day intensive dance class "Broadway Musicals" thinking I'm going to get some great exercise, when I walk in to see the other dancers sitting on the floor with notebooks in their laps and pens in their hands.

Uh-oh. Something was wrong.

Sure was - I had signed up for a dance theory class. And all in Spanish too.


But it worked out that I understood about half of the lectures and ALL of the video clips - thank goodness.

One day the teacher introduced Gene Kelly to the 20-something dancers - how could they not know who Gene Kelly was? Oh, right, they were 20 years old - by showing us the video of him roller skating in the 1955 movie "It's Always Fair Weather".

I was struck by the thought that Gene Kelly would have been a hell of a figure skater. He had the edges, he had the technique. Back crossovers even! Remember at that time, skaters weren't doing triple axels yet.

Then digging around to find the video for you, I discovered that Figure Skating thought the same thing. Just click on the hyperlink.



Jane said...

He's my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Me too

Katrina said...

Hey when I was 20 I knew who Gene Kelly was! Not all 20 year olds are culturally ignorant.

Ice Mom said...

Pretty sweet footwork!

Ice Charades said...
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