August 17, 2009

How (Not) To Pose and Miss Chicago- A Refresher

One of my earliest posts explained my own crazy theory of the "showgirl pose". You know knees bent and thighs turned in. It's all about the angle in which you make your legs look their thinnest.

Here is that post:

Check out Miss Chicago below -

In this photo I dug up, only Miss Chicago is working the bend and flex. And don't you think it makes her look thinner? If she had a higher arch in her left foot, her whole leg would look thinner because we would see more of her knee area, the thinnest part of her leg.

Yes, someone long ago thought to put one leg directly in front of the other - so we see only the width of one leg - twist her thigh slightly inward - to hide some of the fleshy part - and then keep the leg facing front from the knee down - this time hiding the bulging calf muscle. Too bad she couldn't patent that move.

But sometimes it is best to learn from mistakes - like this one. This time the "showgirl" pose didn't have to do with making my legs look thin.

And no this never appeared in Glamour magazine.

The bar over my face is not for the outfit - can't do anything about that, it's because the pose is all wrong. I was still a newbie when I posed here and a British gal who'd already been in the show for three years took me aside and explained. "You should never pose with your legs open like that, love. Just like you never sit down in a really short skirt with your legs open ... that crotch shot is just not ladylike."

Indeed, now when I look at this pose, it's as if I'm scratching my nose with only my middle finger. Just not natural or ladylike.

And I never posed that way again.

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