October 14, 2008

The VP

Well, I've spoken on some of the issues. But what the election is all about (this time) is the running mate ... so I'll propose one too.

There are so many good, good show skaters out there, past and present. But I have to go with the one that fills the bill as the best VP - it's my blog after all.

Wayne Seybold

As you may have read the article on Icenetwork, he's now a mayor in Marion, Indiana. He could be a REAL candidate. Marion's population at the 2006 Census was 30,830. (Compare that to a small, random town in, say, Alaska at 9780.). He's got actual political experience. Always handy when negotiating contracts for big name skaters.

Plus, he's a great guy. He was the company manager of one of the dozen or so Nutcracker shows and kept our little skating family happy. He also managed to skate for only two minutes (out of a 90 minute show) and could take his skates off for good by intermission. Great time management right there.

And you'll have to trust me on this next one, but he got the "3 am phone call" in that show and rose to the occasion. Some egos, lots of chaos, and last minute re-choreography, all in one night. Suffice to say, he was cool under pressure.

Now I hear you saying, he won't excite the base like a certain mom of the other icy sport variety!

I've got that one figured out. He could have his sister, Natalie, at his side, literally for the rallies, speeches, even the inaugural -- maybe in pair position instead of this spiral one-- and she could excite the base.

Natalie's much, much cuter than you know who!

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Aaron said...

And...Indiana is turning out to be quite the swing state...so he could certainly help to tip an election! Love it!