October 27, 2008

Street Performers

...often of the juggling persuasion, trying to earn a little money.

And by street performers, in this city, that means walking out into some massive intersection during a red light to give it your all for sixty seconds or so. That's not that much time to both juggle and walk down the row of idling cars, hat in hand.

They remind me of so many that performed in ice shows and that is why I always give them some money.

In most of the ice shows I did, we had some kind of novelty act. We had poodles, badmitton players, a trampoline artist, a comedian who played guitar, gauchos, lots of jugglers, and of course those zany skating comedians who love to get cute with a bucket of water.

But back to the jugglers ... while these guys (and gals - often children) in the street are no match for Albert Lucas, there are pretty good. Even though Albert often did his act on the ice (how many years in Ice Capades and Tampa Bay's Busch Gardens?) he never had to dodge this traffic.

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