October 2, 2008

More Skaters Reuniting

This is a call out to any of you who skating in Holiday On Ice .... Facebook wants to find you, say hello and get your picture. Please join up. It's a great way to find out what everyone's up to ....

Val Mileham Abraham is collecting all contact information in order to make it easier to keep contact for future reunions, connections, etc.

She has requested that we send her an email with our contact information. You can feel free to share as much or little as you like. this list will not be public... but used for mailing lists for reunion news in the future. For example, I gave Val all my info, I do not want to be lost in the shuffle, so she has mailing address, phone numbers, email, etc. You send what you feel you are comfortable with.

Please send to this email address which has been set up only for contact info.


And, thanks to some little birdie at the Prague reunion... there is a NICE, France reunion in the works for 2010. What better place to have the next one (aside from Vegas of course) than Nice in September, 2010. Roland is on the committee along with others, so this should be an amazing time for all. Thanks to the wonderful reunion in Prague we have an idea of how it is done WELL!! With enough notice we will reach those who might have missed out for Prague... we are not getting younger and who better to spend time with than those with such a wonderful experience in common. Who else can understand our laughter and tears.

So, start saving your money, start planning your holiday time... and get excited! If you are having trouble in the excitement area... just send Roland an email, he will get you going!!

In the meanwhile, send an email to Val... let's get the ball rolling!!

So start saving for Nice. Hope you can make it!

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