January 31, 2012

Worst Ice Skater Ever?

I may have held the title of worst pair skater for a while - sorry Charles - but not the worst ice skater. That was the name of this skit by the group Improv Anywhere in cooperation with Ice Theatre of New York and performed by Kenny Moir.

Have you ever heard of these Improv Anywhere guys?

You should.

I've got to say I'm a huge fan and while this is cute, it is one of their weaker videos, IMHO.

If you have a few hours to kill on the internet, I suggest you go to their website and take in some of the their best videos.

They've got the Frozen Grand Central Station, The Best Buy prank, The Food Court Musical, The Star Wars Subway Car, or one of my personal favorites, Carousel Horse Race. But there are dozens and dozens of clever videos. The Wedding, Where's Rob, and the latest, No Pants Subway Ride.

A lot of their stunts happen in New York City, but like the name says, "anywhere", so be prepared in case you find yourself in the middle of the Improv.

By the way, the best skating comedy ever? IMHO, that would be Kirk Wyse in Holiday On Ice in 1986.

He was such a terrific skater, that his whole program could have been entertaining skated as normal. But halfway through he took a tremendous "fall" that had him landing in the lap of some unsuspecting (or were they expecting it?) audience member.

Everyone gasps, he gets up and is okay, and then continues on with his routine. Then a light falls from the ceiling almost flattening him. Then part of his costume falls off and by this time you know it's a comedy and you're excited to see what comes next.

Unfortunately, this routine is not on You Tube. (I spent quite a while trying to track it down too, but alas.) I did find that he teaches at Amherst Skating Club in New York. (Maybe if he hears of this post, he'll send me the video - yeah, maybe.)

I think Kirk is more well known for is his rendition of Charlie Chaplin in Ice Capades, complete with his dog. No one has done Chaplin better. I tried to find that video too.

Hey Kirk, if you're out there ... call me.

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Anonymous said...

The Where's Rob video is so funny.