January 11, 2012

A Swearing Contest?

Did Xan just challenge me to a swearing contest?

Don't get it confused with her T-Shirt Contest right here.

There's some cross-promotion, right there.

So, if it is swearing you want ... how about my new favorite song. I just discovered it from the fabulous Wii - Just Dance 3 (please don't tell my daughter that what she's dancing to is not the original version).

The song is so fun and boppy, someone described it as Motown mixed with early, angry Eminem. You may have seen the cleaned-up version on Glee or the Grammys with Gwyneth Paltrow, but I suggest you go straight to the video. So cute - a little like "Little Shop of Horrors" loaded with F-bombs.

So, if you laughed at the owl, I hope you'll laugh at Cee Lo Green's official video for his hit - F**k You.


1 comment:

Xan said...

I had only ever heard the original, "blue" version of that, and then someone played at the rink one day which quite, um surprised me. Turned out it was the parental-approval version with the "forget you" lyric. Not nearly as funny.