January 4, 2012

Resolution for 2012

Xanboni has inspired me to write down some goals for this blog for the new year. I'm impressed with all she has set out to do and I'm looking forward to the new website.

So, can Ice Charades stick to a New Years Resolutions this time? How did last year's goal go? Let's see ... my goal was to swear more. And truth be told, I sucked at it, didn't I?

Well, fuck it, let's try something new.

But I just got carried away with this photo and couldn't help myself. And let's be honest, it is so much funnier when you say "the rest of the fucking owl" isn't it?

The picture is by Alexia Tsotsis, and the explanation on why it is so hard to become an expert comes from Ben Casnocha's blog, and I discovered the whole thing via the Daily Dish.

So for 2012, my resolution this year is to get more followers. Not sure if I have to steal them from another, more obscure blog, come up with an obnoxious contest to win you over or hijack the comment's section of another skating blog and shamelessly beg.

But perhaps the best way to get more followers is to write better, funnier posts. At least something kind of clever ... well hopefully, sort-of, maybe/kinda witty. I promise not to post another Ice Capades Reunion notice and then skate away. No more job vacancy posts without some chatty banter and insight included.

Please keep checking back, please sign up to follow me. And I'll say it again

Happy Hell of a New Year!


orangechiffon said...

That owl pic makes me lol every time I see it.

Xan said...

Busted! Let's do a contest. :)