April 14, 2008

My Two Cent's Worth

First, I have to admit last week was the first time I watched Dancing With The Stars. So I don't know the history of the show. I watched specifically to see how Kristi dances. She's incredible. No surprises.

What I am surprised about is that they allowed her to compete. She's been a professional skater (so she got used to the spotlights after her competition days) and before that her amateur career wasn't just as any skater, but an Olympic Gold Medalist. That means a huge disadvantage for any other competitor.

And (please forgive me if this was brought up on the show) Kristi used to be a pair skater as well, so she is used to partnering. She and Rudy Galindo were US National Pair Champions in 89 and 90!

By the end of this season, she should compete to be one of the regular dancers. She could do it.

If you allow me to float a theory - a little secret dancers may not want to acknowledge - skaters generally do the same moves that dancers do (of course some positions are modified so we don't poke ourselves with toepicks) plus a LOT more.

I'll have more on the differences between dancers and skaters in future posts.

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Aaron said...

A lot of people feel this way...I'm kind of on the fence, but I really enjoy watching her dance!