April 1, 2008

Getting the Show Started

I know there are a lot of websites about skating, but I hope this one will become a spot for discussion, reminiscing, and even gossip.

But first, we have to build up the readership. I encourage you to click on the comment box and tell your stories. Keep it anonymous or not.

Let me start by saying I've been retired from ice shows for over ten years now and I'm glad I'm not trying to make it as a professional today. The opportunities don't seem as plentiful. Back in the '80s there were a dozen amusement park show options, a few cruise ship and dinner theater gigs, a couple of Christmas shows (besides the perennial favorite - Charles Schulz's productions and later the Nutcracker tours), long-term contracts in Japan, and of course, the Big 3: Ice Capades, Disney On Ice and Holiday On Ice.

You still have the Big 3, of course, a long-standing show on Royal Caribbean and a few park shows that pop up here and there. But you also have Russian adding their skaters (very good ones too) to the mix.

So I wonder, how is it out there right now?

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Ice Mom said...

Well, I'm not a show skater, I'm just a mom, but I think this blog is going to be fascinating. Ice Girl, my daughter, would love to be a show skater someday and there's not a lot of information about it. Thanks!