September 17, 2019

Ohhh, these are so tempting!

It's that time of year in southern Germany!  Oktoberfest!  And I've got dirndl fever.  That's right - they're called dirndles.

The old showgirl in me really wants to get one of these and find some any excuse to wear one!

Why, you ask?

First of all, they have beautiful colors and they're oh, so shiny.


They flatter an old showgirl's more mature (ahem, curvy) figure.  No need to suck in your stomach on these costumes.  Phew!

Tell me, which one would you get?

I think I'd like the dark blue, but ...


Q said...

I'd also get the dark blue one. And the stuffed soft pretzel.

Ice Charades said...

Yessss, the pretzel makes it!