June 3, 2011

Today is 'The Day of Hazma'

I don't normally talk about things other than figure skating.

Are you kidding me, Ice Charades. You're lucky if your post has anything to do with figure skating.

Okay, okay, very true. And because there is not much going on in the skating world these days, I want to turn you attention to a serious matter.

Today is the Day of Hazma and I hope it gets the Syrian government to sit up and take notice. Full disclosure: I went to Damascus, Syria for three weeks on a business trip back in 1999. I loved the country and the Syrians I met and worked with. They were wonderful. That's why I'm so concerned.

So, I'm hoping you'll take a moment to "like" the "We Are All Hamza" FB page and let's see what the internet can do.

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