April 26, 2011

What's So Great About Figure Skating?

Ryan Jahnke at MySkatingMall.com has put together the video "What's So Great About Figure Skating?" and the skaters say it better than I ever could. When you're looking for inspiration on a day you don't feel like venturing into the cold, check out the video here.

One reason for me?

Figure skating is both an art and a sport and that's a great combo.


Well, instead of doing a million squats a day, I just skated around, fell a few times, and voilĂ , nice round a$$. Like a permanently attached crash pad ... which don't seem to be on the market anymore, otherwise you could find them on MySkatingMall.com.

But there are plenty of other items - gently used, affordable and easy on the wallet.

So, thanks, Ryan, for creating the video and such a great website.

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