April 30, 2011

From Someone Who Was There

... no, not at Worlds. Wish I could have been in Moscow for that. No, below is an email from my friend, who was at the Royal Wedding.

Re: the wedding

Well, well! It was a lovely ceremony, inspiring and well done. A bit too old fashioned for our taste and according to many commentators in the press. R had more fun and champagne at Lancaster House (where spouses were and the recepction for the diplomatic corps was held afterwards) than I did at Westminster Abbey. The diplos were seated behind the royal families at the Abbey, but we had an obstructed view because of all the funky hats of the ladies. Hadn't it been for a couple of small screens that were installed nearby, we wouldn't have seen anything. Often times being invited is not such a good thing. All Britain was in a good mood and very happy, at least the monarchists!

Cheers. W & R

Yes, to be at the wrong angle behind this hat would be tough.

But I've got to say, this was my favorite, in a "I can't believe she wore that!" kind of way. But at least you could sort of see through the loops.

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