February 11, 2011

February 11 - A Good Day For Democracy

Free Nelson Mandela!

We interrupt this silly little skating blog to remind you that on this day twenty-one years ago, Nelson Mandela was released from eighteen years in prison on Robben Island off of Cape Town, South Africa.

Miss Ice Charades is a biiiig fan of Mr. Mandela. And it was pretty exciting for the cast of Ice Express, starring by Randy Gardner, choreographed by Karen Kresge, featuring Jozef (the bobbin' Czech) SabovĨik and Cindy Stewart who landed in South Africa three weeks later. March 1990, Jo-burg, as the locals call it. There were Nelson Mandela t-shirts everywhere and perhaps a feeling that the country was heading in the right direction.

Judging by the World Cup they recently hosted, I would say they were right.

I am forever grateful, thanks Karen, that I got the chance to skate in the country in the year they freed Nelson Mandela.

Another February 11th? Thirty-two years ago on this day the Iranian revolution took place when the Shah's forces were overwhelmed. And today?

A good day for democracy.

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