January 31, 2011

Wow ...

I just have to say congratulations to Ryan Bradley. What an awesome victory. Is that some kind of record after eleven times?

This guy is channeling one of my favorite competitors, Philippe Candeloro, but doing it in his own style. Still, their objective - entertain the audience.

I like that.

His own words from Amy Shipley's article in the Washington Post:
"That was probably the ugliest national championship program ever," said Bradley, who scored 231.90 points overall. "I love it because of that. . . . I never thought, 'Oh wow, I blew it.' I remember thinking, 'Okay, do something funny so they'll laugh and forget you just missed.' "

It was a pleasant surprise to me that he didn't really think he had won. Call me cynical, but I feel like some of these skaters know the scoring in their program so well, down to the percentage of deduction of a two-foot versus hand-touch versus extra three-turn spinout landing.

But he had his headphones during the other performances and didn't know the door was wide open. So I just have to say, wow!

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