November 7, 2010

Quick thoughts from the House of Mouse

Still on vacation.

We've been in Orlando at Disney World. This post will be hard to spin from a show skating point of view ... but why the heck not ... heck - that's the Disney in me talkin'.

One thing I've now discovered ... you never forget the smell of dry ice.

Watching the parade I kept wondering ... which performers get a day off tomorrow? Is that why they're smiling more?

Is their a secret heirachy to the princesses? Is Snow White always the oldest cast member of the princesses?

Are the dancers at Cinderella's castle (who seemed to be the best) the top dogs in the park or are they asprining to be characters such as Mickey and Minny?

Do they wish they could be in Tokyo (free lodging) or on the Disney Cruise instead?
I went to the Disney Audition website, but had a hard time finding basic info like minimum age, height or weight limitations, or pay with or without benefits such as lodging and travel, but you can watch videos from a bunch of performers and if you still want more you can email the park your specific question.

Hmmm. I wonder if Mickey will be looking over their shoulder.

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