November 16, 2010

Ice Capades Alumni News


It is with great sadness that after a lengthy illness, we announce the passing of our own Dick Palmer, November 14, 2010 in Palm Desert. There will be no service but if you would like to send a note to Rita, Diane & Patti at 73-433 Mariposa, Palm Desert, CA 92260 -

Richard H. Palmer, Executive Vice-President – Joined Ice Capades in 1942 and served in an array of staff positions during his tenure with the company – touring Company Manager, Studio Manager, Technical Director, etc. He had a vast knowledge of the complicated technical and operational aspects of an ice show. In addition, familiarity with the hundreds of arenas throughout North America had contributed immensely to the successful tour arrangements for the three companies of Ice Capades.) He will be missed.

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Anonymous said...

We appreciate your wonderful comments about my dad Dick Palmer and would like to say that he was also President and CEO of Ice Capades, The Harlem Globetrotters and the Ice Capades Chalets and enjoyed each and every one of the people that worked for these companies. I will always be impressed that he was able to call almost everyone with those companies by their first name. -- Dianne Palmer Walker