November 17, 2010

Ice Show Emergency

Two nights ago while you were sleeping, somewhere in a quiet, tiny Central American country, an ice show emergency email went out.

A real ice show emergency!

Luckily, Miss Ice Charades was there to see it and hadn't had too much to drink yet, so she could hit the "reply" instead of "delete" button.

After replying to the email late Monday night, I was asked early Tuesday morning to head to the shopping mall to check out the new ice rink going up for the Xmas season.

An ice rink! In Panama! The only one in the country ... perhaps all of Central America! Good thing this ex-show girl lives 3 blocks away. Because Miss Ice Charades doesn't drive here. If you saw how the Panamanians drive, you'd walk too. Even in the hot, humid weather, you'd walk.

So after "testing" out the ice, they asked if I knew anyone that could perform two times a day during the Xmas season until January 10. Oh, and could they start this Sunday.

This Sunday? Are you kidding me?

No, no they aren't. So I'm sending a shout-out for two skaters, preferably a pair team to skate 2x/day, 5-6x/week, Nov 21 - Jan 10. Airfare, housing, food and salary provided. They prefer someone who knows some Spanish.

That's not a bad deal, considering some of the ice show offers that have gone out in the past.

If you can get to Switzerland by Saturday, the job is yours.

So, if you like warm weather, well hot and humid really, you will also like this getaway for a couple days! Panama's a beautiful place!

Email me, if you or someone you know is interested. Ice Charades will throw in a complimentary tour of the Canal! Muchas gracias.


lfjane said...

Dying to many skaters applied? Did they habla espanol?

Ice Charades said...

Oh, sorry lfjane, I was so busy skating (well sort of). Actually, they got some Argentine pair team to come in for a couple of days. But they may still be looking for more skaters.

If I can find a lightweight Santa suit, I may try for a comedy routine, but that's all I have in me now.

Thanks for reading!