August 16, 2010

That Was Quite An Exit

By now you've probably heard of Steven Slater, the jetBlue flight attendant, and his famous exit off the plane last week. I won't weigh into whether or not he should be fired, offered a reality tv show, or talk to Oprah. I'll let the comedians do that.

But one thing, I've got to say, was that's quite an exit. Grabbing two beers before hitting the slide - nice added touch. I'm willing to be that he had already choreographed that finale and he was only waiting for the right moment.

It reminds me of the urban myth of the show skater that quit an ice show during the show with skates still on. That's a great way to go. I never witnessed that, but I did skate in four shows and five different times where a skater or two left in the middle of the night. From Japan, no less. That requires some upfront planning. Or if not planning, running ... as in the juggler and his very pregnant wife with twins, running away from the police in the Tokyo train station.

Or you could ask Kathryn Bertine, from her book, All The Sundays Yet To Come, about the elaborate exit she had planned as well.

But you'll probably never see that carried out in the competitive world. Too much at stake. But wouldn't it be fun to see - for instance, someone who knows the judges are going to give them a raw deal no matter what - end their program with bows and cheers and then hold up a sign that thanks the crowd and says something like, "And now I'm outta here." They would bolt right by the Kiss-N-Cry area.

Tell me, who would you most like to see do something controversial like that? Do you have your own exit planned?


Anonymous said...

I know you're talking about Johnny Weir ...

Ice Charades said...

Actually I was thinking of Toller - who could pull off that move with such flair!