August 23, 2010

Not the only one

I loved the mug shot ... I think it shows he doesn't take himself too seriously. But what you may not know is Kurt Browning is not the only Canadian figure skater whose car has gone up in flames.

I remember a friend telling me about another skater, Ice Dance Champion from the 80s - Patick Mandley, who on a first date driver her around the city of Vancouver when the engine of his car, an old Soviet Lada, caught on fire.

I don't think the date was impressed. But I was always impressed that Patrick had a Lada. Quite hip don't you think?

So, Brian, if you're reading this, please have your car inspected soon.


Aaron said...

I'm trying to decipher the Serial Number on the mug shot. Something, something, something...1st Quad. Hmmm......

Ice Charades said...

4 time world champion,
4 time Canadian champion,
3 time world pro champ,
1st quad (I didn't know he had the first quad) and no I didn't figure this out on my own, but saw it in the comments of a major paper's reporting of the incident. Like I said, I'm glad he has a sense of humor about this ... ice skaters probably don't deal with hot things as much as cold!