July 29, 2010

I've Moved ...

to a new country - one with no ice arenas. But on my first day in Panama, I saw an advertisement for Diseny On Ice!

That's right, Disney Sobre Hielo opened yesterday in Panama, my first day here. Maybe that's a good omen. So now I only have until Sunday to see it. Er, uh, I mean to take my daughter to the show. Yeah, that's it. My daughter really wants to see it.

She still would like to meet a princess, but that's probably not going to happen here.

Unlike my time in Mexico City, I've got nothing to offer to the skaters while in Panama. Our apartment is a giant mess of boxes half-way unpacked and TVs that don't work yet. We have a nice pool, but every place in Panama has a pool. I don't even know which are the good coffee shops yet.

The one thing we have is a car, in case any of the skaters want to take a ride around the city, but I bet they don't have the time. I've seen tour dates in Venezuela and Columbia as well, so I think they have a travel day on Monday, Tuesday is "Get In" day (or "Pack In" or "Move In" - whichever they call it now)and then they have shows Wed - Sunday. Then rinse and repeat.

So if anyone is reading this from Disney Sobre Hielo - Viaje Fantastico, just know that the one gringa clapping really loud out in the audience this weekend is an old pro.

... at clapping really loud for skaters.

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